Top 5 Batsman with most runs in ICC Cricket World Cup, Names, List

List of Batsman who scored Most runs in ICC Cricket World Cup

Sachin Tendulkar at the top in the list of batsmen who scored the most in Cricket World Cup. Sachin is the only player from india in the list of top ten players,who played highest matches in World cup. Sri Lanka, Australia and South Africa are included in the list of the two batsmen. A look at the players who scored the most runs in the Cricket World Cup.

top 5 batsman with most runs in cricket world cup

Sachin Tendulkar - Sachin tendulkar played 45 matches in 6 world cup from 1992-2011.Tendulakr scored  2278 runs with  6 Century and 15 Half century in world cup's 44 innings. While His strike rate was 88.98 and the average 56.95. Tendulkar's best score of 152 in the World Cup and four times while they are unbeaten.Tendulkar has chosen Man of the Tournament one time and while Man of the match 9 times  in the World Cup.

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Ricky Ponting- Ricky ponting's captainship australia has won two time world cup. Ponting played 46 matches in 5 world cup. in its 42 innings with average of 45.89 scored 1743 runs.  Ponting made 5 centuries and 6 Half century with the strike rate of 79.95. Ponting, who was the best score of unbeaten 140 runs and 4 times not out in the World Cup.

List of top batsmen in Cricket World Cup

Brian Lara-the former West Indian skipper cricketer Brian Lara is the third in the list. Lara played 34 match in five World Cup tournaments. Lara scored 1225 runs with the help of two centuries and 7 Half century in 33 innings . Lara also like Ponting and Sachin are unbeaten four times. Average of 42.24 and a strike rate of 86.26 Lara's batting in the Cricket World Cup. His best score is 116.

Cricket World Cup list of top batsman in cricket world cup history

Sanath Jayasuriya-  Lankan former skipper comes in number four on the list. Sanath Jayasuriya, who played a key role in winning the 1996 World. Jayasuriya, who played 5 world cup from 1992 to 2007 and scored 1165 runs with the help of three centuries and 6 half centuries  in 37 innings and
average of 34.26.

Jacks kallis- the south african allrounder scored 1148 runs in 32 innings of world cup.

Top 5 Batsman with most runs in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Names, List

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