India vs Pakistan ICC cricket world cup 2015 match will break world record

ICC cricket world cup 2015 live-India vs Pakistan match break world record 

Australia-New Zealand next month, co-hosted by India and Pakistan during the match in the World can become a world record. In Adelaide cricket ground on February 15 when the two teams will face each other to a billion viewers will enjoy the match which will record the world.

Between India and Pakistan, scheduled for February 15 matches in terms of the number of viewers in the world would be a world record. According to an Australian news website, "this match and all tickets are already sold half a billion viewers will enjoy it. Even before the record viewer World Cup 2011 match between these two countries was made. "

2011 World Cup match between India and Pakistan was watched by 98.80 million viewers, and this time the number of visitors is expected to surpass it. According to an official of the World Cup organizing committee, any match so far in the history of Australia would be grand. "

The World Cup match between the two teams are so far five have won every time India. The time course of the Pakistan series defeat against India in the World Cup would break.

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