Cricket world cup most unbreakable records in cricket history

Cricket world cup history most highest runs

today we have come up with something special for World Cup fans there some Cricket World Cup records that are  not easy to crack by current World Cup players. Yes, even today in cricket are fast becoming a fast run. But even if the wickets falling unloading wildly Become World's 40 year history to crack the big records going to be easy at all. Let's now take a look straight to the big masters of the game of cricket, on some older records are created. 

Most runs in World Cup cricket history

Sachin Tendulkar 45 matches, 2278 runs, batting average of 56.95, 88.98 of the Strike Rate, 6 centuries and 15 fifties. Yes, yes, the record for most runs in Cricket World Cup and World Cricket Indian team veteran batsman Sachin Tendulkar's name. Sachin has played his ODI career are 6 Cricket World Cup.

Recently members of the 2015 World Cup in the teams is just as Sachin Kumar Sangakkara are nearest to the most runs in the World Cup is ranked 14 in the list of those who make it are on. He also scored 30 games in 7 half and 1 991 runs. 1287 will run them in the tournament and that's just not possible to make it. No other player has yet to break Sachin's record not to be seen.

Cricket World Cup in the highest batting average

kluzanara Lance, Lance kluzanara the record in World cricket is a hard nut to crack is the same as chewing. South-African batsman in the name of world cricket batting averages in the 124. He was followed by Symonds in the list whose name is a batting average of 103. In this episode of the current players Michael Clarke 669 runs in 18 matches at an average of 83 with an average of 62.14 and Shane Watson are in pursuit of the record.

In addition to the top-10 of them in the list is not any current batsman. It Vivian Richards (fourth from the average of 63.31), Watson (fifth from an average of 62.14), Rahul Dravid (860 runs, with the sixth), Turner (an average of 61.20 seventh) and Sachin Tendulkar (56.95 to the average eighth) are on the ladder. Currently the average break the record in which the player will bat he can prove to be extremely useful for your team is. But for Watson and Clarke also broke the record in the World Cup will not be easy.

Most run partnership in World Cup history

Sourav Ganguly / Rahul Dravid: Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid in World Cup history between the 1999 World Cup against Sri Lanka in 318-run partnership is now the biggest share. This spacious partnership is not easy to crack.

But the year 2011 World Cup in Sri Lanka's Upul Tharanga and Dilshan 282 runs in only 231 runs in the second and the sixth largest partnership in the past. The South African Hashim Amla and Kallis, also breaking the record 221-run partnership to have the signal. That's why this partnership can break too. World Cup in 2015, breaking the record sheet this will be a very big upalbadhi.

Most runs in a World Cup tournament

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar: There should not be any doubt it in the name of the player in world cricket are the most runs. His name most runs in a tournament can also be recorded. Sachin has played in the World Cup of the year 2002/03 673 runs were scored in 11 matches. Which is one of the World Cup the most.

Their second after Matthew Hayden's name comes Australians. He has 659 runs in 11 matches. The list of those who make the most runs in a tournament in Sri Lankan Mahela Jayawardene and existing players only include tilekaratne Dilshan. Dilshan made 548 runs in the 2007 World Cup were built. There Jayawardene has scored 500 in the last 2011 World Cup were. With these two batsmen in world cricket batsman breaking the record of the number of existing capabilities are keeping.

Most wickets in the World Cup in history

fast bowler Glenn McGrath in the name of Australians are among these records. McGrath in his World career in which he has 71 wickets in 39 matches are played jerks. This record is so strong that no one can break such a key player who will be playing his career's first World Cup.

For breaking the record for any bowler must bowl behind them. Recently all the teams in the bowlers do not do any of the bowler who has 34 wickets in World Cricket World Cup to be because bowlers in the top-10 wicket-taker does not exist any current team player. So to break this record will not be easy at all.

World Cup in the best bowling average

Even in this case, known as Pigeon former fast bowler Glenn McGrath Australians are among the top. 71 wickets at an average of 18.19 He jerks. While Imran Khan in his later come to this list 34 wickets in World Cricket are they also imply that the most affordable average of 19.26. Recent bowlers in the World Cup in a bowler is not better than the average 24.02.

Top-10 in South-Africa's Ellen Donald ranked number 10 comes 38 wickets at an average of 24.02 he jerks. For any existing bowler do not think this record is also possible to crack.

Most wickets in a World Cup tournament

Yes it will not be wrong to say that the lion is the lion everywhere. Sachin Over-all the way in a tournament like the World Cup is also the highest run-scorer and as the Australians Glen McGrath is also a tournament with the most World Cup wickets highest wicket taker in the case of those who are at the forefront. In 2007, the World Cup in McGrath's name be 26 wickets. The most wickets in a World Cup tournament record.

They were followed by the name of Sri Lanka's Chaminda Vaas who comes to the World Cup in the year 2003 it was accomplished. Pakistan's Shahid Afridi to leave the World Cup in 2015, there is no such player is not included in this list. Afridi in the list with 21 wickets are located on the sixth rank. This time too, they can be expected to perform it.

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